Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About Nitin Srivastava

Nitin Srivastava espouses to be a libertarian, well at-least; a geek (kind-off); wannabe writer (yes, he is); a photography enthusiast (may be more than that) and an info-junkie. He claims to be a surreal persona with varying degrees of proficiency in all of them.

He is a technophile, this is when he has no formal education in IT or it's related fields. Rather than reading web-sites, he spends more time making sense of web-page source files. It won't be remiss to state that he is addicted to source files. He seeks webmasters' forgiveness for he is only compensating for his loss of technical know-how by venturing behind the web-pages.

He is a rural management graduate, he works towards strengthening a sector that is getting glamorous with every passing day: Agriculture. No, he is not a farm labor, neither does he directly get involved with farming (he's been there - done that), rather he works on policy issues for strengthening private sector involvement in Agriculture.

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