Friday, March 17, 2006

Sundown Burnish 1

B: Hey, that is the way job is done

N: So, you think that he can do everything right, it? I will have to say yes when he feels so or I will do anything he asks when I know its shortsightedness

B: No thats not what I mean, He has experience, you need to learn from it

N: Ok.....what about an idea he has no experience of, what will I learn then. What will I do when he knows nothing of it.....What about positioning an altogether new thinking, what about creating a niche in the competition, What about raising the levels to creativity based on financial logic? Till when do I have to swerve out from the same old rigmarole?

B: This is the system.....that is how the work is done..... that is how people rise..... Non-conformism doesn't help

N: Yah this is the system, you have boss, you have work, you have salary, but good boss with good work and good salary is mirage. But, you rise, rise up to the occasion to rise in the career, isn't it?

B: You don't get me, it's about being flexible

N: Yah it’s about being flexible till you bleed, it's about adjustment till he steps on your shoes, isn't it?

B: Well, dunno, its 7:30, its about time.....seeya tomm

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