Saturday, April 08, 2006

TVS Apache ..... Precursor to MouthShut review

I am adding a few images of my TVS Apache as a precursor to my review on the bike at

Apache..... isn't that a chopper in the US army, that is what I felt when I first heard of this new entrant into 150cc bandwagon. Pulsar sure does rule the roost in the segment, but when posed with a question of a new bike, I had made up my mind to not buy what every second person in my age group (even lower) wants.
This has left me with little choice as I had already dismissed the market leader; Apache came at the moment. I was decided that I would buy this only,

Though the bike is a bit low in height, the design aspects are excellent and overall outlook is of a very compact bike that has been engineered as a high power city bike. Though you can always zoom on, given a 150cc engine there always will be a lust to push the throttle to the max.

The bike for sure zooms up rapidly; I am told that for 0 to 60 kmph it falls after Pulsar by just a second at 5.7 sec. But how many of us will do that, I leave Schumaker to try this when feels so.

The instrument panel is also sleek; Apache is mix of Unicorn, Pulsar on the design aspects. The two modes on the meter help you know whether you are in the cruise mode or in the zoom mode (which obviously takes more petrol). The other thing is Clutch which is just smooth and feels better than most other bikes in the segment

On the economy aspects, I am a bit more than happy as I did not expect the petrol consumption by Apache this way. I still have to recheck this, within nearly two weeks I have filled up the tank with 4.5 litres; as of now there is still around 1.5 litres left in the tank. Now with the meter reading of 231 that leaves me with an economy more than 70 kmpl. Cool isn't it, but so far I have not gone into the zoom mode i.e. I hover around the economy mode of 50kmph for the while.

The bike sure has some problems with the transmission, one needs to put in some effort to change gears. Besides this I really am not impressed with the Gasox suspension the Apache offers, I very much feel the jerks as they would feel on my older splendor and pulsar.

A Good number of people claim of vibrations when they drive Apache, sincerely I do not consider that worth talking about, as there is no bike that does not have vibrations. All due respects, vibrations are ok to me.

One of the good things about TVS bikes will definitely include the Headlights; Apache too has a very good Head Light beam. I am told that with 1-degree change in the positioning of the bulb, there is a 10 percent change in the headlight beam quality. Two thumbs up to TVS for the impeccable quality.

Another thing that impresses me is the rear brake lever that has been positioned nicely enough. As a result I am not unnecessarily pushing the lever when I do not need it. That will save a lot of wear and tear. Front disc as usual are excellent.

Update as on 01 September, 2006: If you are looking for a high power commuter bike which also is economical; GO FOR APACHE, I still am getting an fuel economy of 60 - 64 kmpl (with catch that driving speed in less than 55 kmph. But if you are looking for a balls in your mouth feeling; GO FOR PULSAR and if you want performance GO FOR UNICORN

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