Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Invisibilty Cloak and me.....

What will I do if I get something like this?

  • I'll still use my deodorant
  • I would share my room in Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi with a new guest everyday
  • I'll make a video "Me Myself and My Urine" and post it on You Tube (geez I'm weird)
  • I would return to my office in night to download a movie
  • Perhaps someday I'll make Memoirs of an Invisible Man Part II, where I will invisibly dance around trees with Gracy Singh and Amisha Patel, wait for this blockbuster till I am able to invisibly loot Mr Om Prakash Chautala
  • I would ask Mr Arjun Singh in a typical Chidambaram tone, "Might I kick your Ass Sir, please?"

Those of you thinking what on earth I am talking about, it all started with Amit Varma

Here's a cheap trick to try at home, Stick a webcam on your back and hold a laptop in your front with screen facing out. Anybody will see right through you..... Want to know more, Hop here

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