Tuesday, May 02, 2006

June 06, 2006

It is already 23:45 on the night of June 05, 2006; Bush Jr is sitting with his closest aide Rumsfield discussing a covert Biological weapons attack on the Taliban tomorrow. "So how do we go about it?", quipped Bush.

"Dunno, I'm all jittery, we've waited this for long. Ever since Bush Sr gave the go ahead for the project, our scientists have been developing this toxin that will explode all the nerves of the affected within the next five days" Rumsfield sighs, "But he'll die in next 48 hours though".

Bush: "But we need to get our men outta there, right pal?, How many do we have there? I guess it won't be right to risk our soldiers' life in that desert?"

Rumsfield: "Ya..we don't need a domestic catastrophe, an American getting affected will be the Democrats's advantage. To the contrary I was thinking why not explode a car bomb in Baluchistan, and we can claim that the deadly Al Kaeda has access to Biological weapons too.This will strengthen our case against Al Kaeda, Taliban as the abettor, and even Iran as the ally to global terrorism"

Bush: "I dunno pal, I'm not good at this, have to sleep now, take your chances, you have my consent"

Meanwhile somewhere in the hills of Kandahar, Muhammed Al Zawahiri is confiding with his close lieutenants that another Indian who is a Senior Technician with Alhuda Constrauctions, will be kidnapped. "But now we'll not give the kafir Indians any time, we'll straightaway behead the kafir"

"We've got our packages inside America again; I guess we can strike tomorrow, Fidayeen are waiting for your signal", the lieutenant claimed wth a victorious smile on his face

"Ok, that's a good news, ask them to offer their sacrifice Tommorow" Zawahari said before running out of his ever changing temporary abodes

Is this really going to happen on June 06?, I do not know whether June 06, 2006 (read 06/06/06 or 666) marks a diabolical trajectory in to the turn of events on the face of this earth. Presumably the day has been prophesiesed as the Satan's Day. The day for the birth of the antichrist, if we go by the prophesy the day will be marked by numbers of death, accidents, suicides and what not. Do we really need to believe this, or is it just another piece of netlore floating on web, I do not know.

666 as per some calculations is the number associated with the Satan / AntiChrist. The number 666 is just an old myth. The reason why it is associated with the devil was because in the year 666, lots of people died due to the black plague. This was because of poor medical conditions of course, and no one could stop the plague. People were dropping like flies and no one could explain why, the only reason they could think of was that the devil was doing this to them. They burnt down many villages to try stop the plague. Therefore, the number 666 is associated to the devil to this day. Is it just a number or bit more than that, I cannot guess

Here is what people mathematically prove that 666 infact has some diabolical bent to it. Another interesting view can be found Here . Wikipedia though has a whole lot of information over Here

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