Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Does this ring the bell ?

Increasing number of people are using mobile phones for secondary features as cameras, mp3 players etc. Around 44 percent of the people in the world use their handset as their main camera, 67 percent expect their phones to replace portable music player.

68 percent Indians use it as the main camera. For some this would be bizarre but the Value for Money in Indian context is the varied uses an application offers. Another example of the Indian Value for Money would be the TV market where a television is judged more by the sound quality it offers.

But this is not enough 72 percent of the people use mobiles as an alarm clock. I had the habit of putting my mobile in the corner pockets with alarm in the vibrating mode as the vibrations on the wrong end helped me wake faster ;) I do not wonder why 33 percent won't mind losing their wallets than misplace a mobile. Count me on that too.

Some details of this study by Nokia can be found on BBC
Vodafone has come up with a study that shows how current mobile technology would increase productivity, improve patient's health and enable greater access to health care, here

This is interesting:

"The mobile phone is now a common artifact in myriad public places, offering a means for social connection for the user and unsolicited melodies, chirps, and half-conversations for co-present others." This is an interesting study on perceptions of mobile phones in College Classrooms, and can be found here
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