Thursday, June 08, 2006

Love's Labour Lost

Jefal Ayesh, a Palestinian fell in love with a married woman Wedad Mustafa whose husband is associated with Al Aqsa, a militant organization on the Israeli watch list. Jefal and his paramour decide to get married by removing the only obstacle, her husband Muhammad Khamis Ammar.

Israel which is on the lookout for Ammar and his commander Hammoudeh Ishtaiwi, comes to Jefal, blackmails him for the illicit affair, and Jefal who along with Wedad become informers for Israel.

Israel ultimately kills Ammar and his commander only later to be found out that Jefal was the traitor against the Palestinians who are fighting tooth and nail for statehood. Jefal is dragged blindfolded on the street, numerous shots fired at him from all ends. Later Wedad is hauled on street and killed in the name of family honour. Wedad's four children now stay with their grandparents

For some this might be a pot boiler, an apt story for Hindi movie or may be also a Hollywood flick. This has all the ingredients, love, sex, deceit, murder, villains, terrorists, conflicting national interests, murders and two petty mortals. The irony is that this is for real.
Guardian Story over the event

Some might say that they deserved their fate; others might feel a bit sorry for the two and the four children who will now live as a martyr's progeny and a traitor's descendant. Ironic isn't it.

Who is to be blamed for the tragic fate of these two lovers, howsoever illicit their companionship be; I do not know why I feel sympathetic for the two.

The false patriotism over nationhood, the fight over race, religion and lifestyles does not do any good to the vigor and vitality of humanity. It is only further weakened; those who survive, survive with pain, anger, mistrust and become the potent fuel for fire against compassion.

On the one hand, the world is seen as the Global Village, on the other primordial thoughts of demagogic leaders and their followers widen the chasm. Who wins and who loses out is question for history.

Equality, respect, inclusive being are just cliched expressions and have nothing to do with the reality. The situation remains the same on whichever side of chasm we stand.

Tragic, isn't it

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