Friday, June 02, 2006

Shag the Hague Baby.....

The first Sex movie I had seen was at the age of 11. Vividly I remember those moments of The Girl from Trieste that exposed me to the regions then unexplored and how can I not mention the Hard Hunted Girls that has remained my favorite for the last 12 years.

But this is hilarious; a
new political party has come up with a mandate to decrease the age of Sex with minors from 16 to 12 years. Now this is Tight!! And God Bless this would not stop here, sex with animals should be legalized if we go by this outfits' claim. Gosh I feel like howling now.

Now this is called a fresh approach to politics, I presume many a parents with children less than 16 years will willingly support them. Or the bard owners willingly opening up their gates for some shag in the nature, God, I hear a donkey mooing in consent.

Endnotes: What would be the party mascot ?
A horny bull with a humane face !

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