Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto isn't a Planet; WOW

No body will ever understand how happy I feel today, Pluto is not a planet! !

Yes, that is what I wrote during my half yearly General Knowledge examination in grade three. But the moronic teacher marked the question wrong, I bet she will have to eat her words right now. It was the only examination of my life where I got close to 100, but because of this silly blunder by the teacher I got 99. All I could do as a nine year old was to accept my knowledegeable teacher's point of view. I feel like I am going to sue her for ruining my grades.

Fate it is said is destined to be with those who believe, and I believed. It took 18 years by the International Astronomical Union to prove my point and August 24, 2006 marks the relegation of my instructor's views.

When Pluto is nearing its closest approach, it initially seems as if Neptune is about to catch up to Pluto. But Pluto speeds up due to the gravitational acceleration from the Sun, stays ahead of Neptune, and pulls ahead until they meet again on the other side of Pluto's orbit.

I bet she is from Pluto, and like many other Plutonians in the world she wanted us tiny toddlers to accept that. But the world with its HUMANS was not happy by Pluto's inability to clear its neighborhood. She might have felt proud that her planet at times gets closer to the mighty Sun than Neptune. But who gives a damn to these emotive thoughts of planets superceding each other in the race to perambulate the Sun. Sadly, the teacher did.

As for the International Astronomical Union, kudos, for you had the courage to stand up against a neurologically handicapped tyrant that was my teacher. Be warned that your union is now going to get divided into two fragments, one that will believe Pluto is not a planet and the other that thinks the otherwise. Many Plutoians much like my teacher will have considerable stakes in promotion of the second class. I warn you to ensure that such fragments be nothing more than asteroids who strike once in a while or have mass not more than UB313,

As for the Teacher, here is a word of wisdom.....

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

-- T. S. Eliot

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