Thursday, December 14, 2006

Automobile Insurance - Understanding, Options & Choice Making

For the past few days I have been trying to find the optimum insurance policy for my vehicle. Choosing upon an insurance plan has always been a problem. There is no doubt that most of us end up choosing the wrong policy.

But, more importantly, before even choosing the best policy, it is important to know safe driving tips and techniques. I came across a safe driving manual when I was searching for
Car Insurance Rates and landed on this page. This manual has been released by Geico and is available at

Coming back to insurance, right now I can say that
  • Know the rules and regulation of the area before deciding upon a policy
  • Build scenarios where you might need insurance cover for eg: what in case my friends take my vehicle and crashes, or what are my options in case my car is totaled in an accident. A good option may be to refer the Learning Center at the aforementioned link
  • As there are numerous service providers, try getting quotes from them. An easy option would be get the quotes online which is available at the aforementioned car insurance rates link

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