Friday, December 22, 2006

Choosing an ecommerce Solution

For long I have been looking for some info regarding this,
There are three main ecommerce solutions available in the market today, viz
  1. Shopping as an eCommerce Solution
  2. Templated eCommerce Solutions
  3. Custom Developed Solutions

While the Amazon model is easy to implement it lacks flexibility and there is no option for product configeration. Templated eCommerce Soultions are comparatively inexpensive and great for small businesses but sometimes are transaction based. Most imporatantly they are difficult for optimising for search engines. Custom developed Solutions on the other are as in the name developed to your specific business requirements, it is also great for established ecommerce providers, and large businesses looking to go online.

I still have some questions though which I will put up in the later posts. We can get further information through this article on How to Choose an Ecommerce Solution

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