Monday, December 18, 2006

Rich Daddys of the World

Here are some statisics, courtesy Rediff. Probably I am in a Statistical Mode (puns intended) today.
  1. The richest two per cent of adults in the world own more than half of global household wealth
  2. Richest 10 per cent of adults accounted for 85 per cent of the total global assets
  3. almost all of the world's richest individuals live in North America, Europe, and rich Asia-Pacific countries. Each of these groups of countries contribute to about one third of the world's wealthiest 10 per cent.
  4. The second group of richest people belong to China, while India, Africa, and low-income Asian countries dominate the third group.
  5. 37 per cent of the richest reside in the USA and 27 per cent in Japan.

Off I go for a beer!!

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