Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple iPhone

Yes, it is the THE PHONE; it combines an iPod, a camera (2MP) and an Internet browser in a phone. It is the same thing that within the day of its official launch has brought down the stocks of Palm by 5.7 % and Research in Mobile (BlackBerry) by 8 %

So here is some detail about it

  • A smart phone, similar to the Palm Treo or RIM's BlackBerry
  • Models (1) 8 GB ($599) (2) 4 GB ($499)
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • Compatibility: GSM and EDGE
  • Controls: No buttons or switches, by touching
  • Battery life: 16 hours of audio & 5 hours of talk
  • Built in WiFi and Bluetooth antennas

USPs (at least for now)

  1. Automatic Screen Rotation: Whether you hold the iPhone in portrait or landscape mode, the internal motion sensor will automatically rotate the screen, orienting it to your view
  2. Power Saving:
    1. It will immediately turn off the display to save power and avoid inadvertent touches when you lift iPhone to your ear for talking.
    2. Synchronisation with the Ambient light: The built-in ambient light sensor will automatically adjust the display screen’s brightness with thecurrent ambient light.
  3. Allows users to make calls by simply pointing at a name or number.
  4. Favourite list: For your most frequently done calls
  5. Voicemail Sortie: Choose the Voicemail which you want to listen first from a listing
  6. QWERTY Keyboard: Drafting an SMS is a more simpler game with predictive text services as an addon
  7. Multitasking on Net: You can read a webpage while downloading an attachment from your mail. iPhone will also work with most industry standard IMAP and POP based email services, such as Microsoft Exchange, Apple .Mac Mail, AOL Mail, Google Gmail and most ISP mail services.
  8. Display: A 3.5-inch widescreen, 160 pixels per inch touch screen
  9. Built-in Google Maps

Criticisms are flowing in right away

  1. No 3G network support? The iPhone handles Wi-Fi, which is good for surfing the Web at home, or in an airport hot spot.
  2. How smart is the screen?
  3. How strong is the screen? Will it scratch, like many iPods? Will I need to wipe it down after the warm LCD is sitting on my cheek for 30 minutes each call? (all these via Dan Frommer)
  4. Comparing it with my N-90, the twist-n-turn functionality in N-90 proves to be of great ease while capturing images / videos. But in Apple?

Here is an interesting Gender perspective on iPhone and be sure to check out the iPhone Concept blog

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