Thursday, January 18, 2007

Download Videos from Any Site: A Simple Hack

All of us daily visit some site that has video, but due to slow internet connections or video loading time the pleasure of watching the video is reduced. There is also a desire to save the video on our hard disks. There are several ways in which you can download videos from sites, watch them at your leisure and any number of time. These include:
  • You can access KeepVid, simply paste the url of the page holding the video, it will download the video for you.
  • The following is simple hack on how to download a video from any site (at least for now !) I hope this helps you.....


Open the link that is hosting the video, right click and view the source file of the page


Press CTRL+F to search for .wmv or .rm extension files, these have been highlighted in the image below

We have to understand that link is for the directory / folder that is storing the video file and the main folder is the home page url. Copy this link.


Go to the homepage of the site, paste this link after the home page url. FOr example: if the home page is http://www., your new link will look like

Click go, media player (either Windows Media Player or Real Player or any other player that you use) will pop up. Close the player.

Go to File, click Save Web Page

Click Save

Download and you have your video

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