Monday, January 15, 2007

More Clues About Web 2.0

There is too much confusion regarding Web 2.0 meme, every other day we will find new interpretations and uses in the modern day context. These interpretations will be from varied perspectives, some technological and some management / organisational.

Purely from the organisational point of view, Web 2.0 requires change in how the Top Bosses view technology for their business. On one hand we have people who have identified oppurtunities and ventured as a Web 2.0 organisation and on the other there are people who are thinking on whether to adopt the meme in the organisational operations and if yes, then how?

Being a Web 2.0 enabled organisation requires considerable change in how you see your prospective website audience, be it employess or users / consumers. This has both pros and cons attached to it, on one hand the best of your offerings get recognised very fast through user generated content, and on the other it is extremely difficult to control and monitor how your users use the service

The question of joining the Web 2.0 bandwagon and how, would depend on the product / services being offered; Product classes:
  1. Software as a Service: Web 2.0 is today marked with too similar services by too many vendors. The question here becomes of creating a niche, which eventually pays in creating sustainable revenue models
  2. Tangibles: More importantly than above, in the case of tangible service / product offerings, Web 2.0 will become more of a productivity enhancer through use of Social Softwares that allow people interaction become visible over time (An example, may be not the most appropriate)
Further,Web 2.0 consists of three things
  1. User contributions
  2. Openness and
  3. Rich interfaces (such as 3-D)

Many organisations these days are building upon containers within their own site that lets users generate content, another oppurtunity to improve product offerings based on user expectations. But on the flip side the organisations will have lesser control over the way their site is used.

The image in the top right is from GT Mcknights flickr photostream, who has just stacked up some coporate logos and redefined them in Web 2.0 fashion.

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