Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My way or Highway

If you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME, very true, but somewhere else, not in Blogosphere where we speak, write, share and comment to enhance our social learning. And this process begins with very moment we act, as result the boundaries, be it geographical, intellectual or specialists, get redefined for the larger audience.

Why Assume in Blogosphere?

The answer is why not? Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan who made Blogger, assumed that there is captive audience (with little or not understanding of html, web designing etc) just waiting to connect. Later, Google saw potential business logic in investing in this assumption; and as of now the Blogosphere is doubling every 236 days and we have more than 57 million blog being tracked. The underlying assumption being the people, the same set of people, which until blogs had been passive recipients of information. Now, blog is the power of people, the power to receive information, to approve and to criticise and this adds to its logic, business or otherwise.

It does not end here, this is just the beginning; numerous people with little stakes in all the developments are working to improve this experience on the browser end. Many among us bloggers have near zero understanding of the technicalities but we use several hacks developed by more advanced bloggers just to enhance the blogging experience of our readers. Blogging is nothing less than ecommerce, but there is a catch, Blogging is ecommerce sans commerce in its real sense. The fight is for readership, which will flow from content, ease of use and simplicity of the web design.

Simplicity of design brings me to the recent changes in this blog. This blog is now powered with Neo template by Ramani, this template uses AJAX particularly JSON. How we see this blog today is some assumptions, some hard work and some imagination by Ramani who made this template. To quote Ramani

Neo template is not just some CSS magic. It is an ultra-fast template with which one can navigate through your blog very quickly. As a result, your visitors would enjoy their stay in your blog. It employs the cutting edge technology called AJAX (in particular JSON) and makes best use of the advanced features of new Blogger such as Label feeds and Per-post comment feeds.

I trust that you will now find the browsing experience at Memoirs of Tomorrow more fast and easy. As we had read before, this does not end here, there is more to do and may be these are some thoughts for Ramani to devise future hacks, I read this at Deeje Cooley’s blog, to quote him

My desktop aggregator doesn't show conversations around permalinks, and doesn't allow me to add comments directly… I have to browse to the permalink in question and figure out how to read and leave a comment, if I can at all.

I hope Ramani got his clues. As for us lay men, Assume is AS Seamless as U and ME canbe !

I leave you with the inside story of Apple iPod. (44 mins approx)

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