Friday, January 19, 2007

Spice up Your Phtographs Using Free Softwares

Here are some ways to spice up your photographs,

Ascii o matic: Asciiomatic is as the name suggest converts images in plain text formats. Asciiomatic services are available for .jpeg format images and size not more than 60*50 pixels, this is a free online service

Rasterbator: Make rasterised posters from any image, these posters can be as long as 20 metres. Rasterbation services are available for almost all formats; there are two choices, online (free) and offline. Online rasterisation is supported for images less than 1 Mb, offline rasterbation is supports even for files larger than 1 Mb. Download it here (free)

Comparison between the two

The image in the left is the rasterised version and image in the right above is from asciiomatic. Both the services have their benefits, while asciiomatic images will spice up your computer screen, the rasterised version can sparkle the wall behind ;)

Even more image conversion tools may include:

PosteRazor: Another Rasterisor, but works better than above, it is fast and output quality is much better. PosteRazor is available for free download for Windows and OSX

Pixelize: This is interesting, I still have to use it, but it uses several images to build up, as closely as possible, another image. This is also a free download

And this is original image :(

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