Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Create HTML Signatures for Gmail in Easy Steps with MS Word

No matter how much we love Gmail, there are certain issues where Gmail simply sucks, no support for html signatures is one such thing. A recent post on Multiple HTML signatures in Gmail on lifehacker is good news for all us. It points us to a Greasemonkey user script by Jerome Dane which enables us to have html signatures. Though the script specifically allows us to have different signature for different ids, it also helps us have images in our signature, which previously was not possible.

However, extremely little exposure to HTML puts me at loss to create one. Many other people, just like me also feel helpless when it comes to coding. Here is an easy roundabout for creating html signatures without any knowledge of HTML

I was quick to create a new html signature for me. I have used MS Word to get mine, as explained below

Create a new table in a word document and inserted an image and some text in the table

I also added a hyperlink to my blog to the image, so that if the reader clicks it, he reaches my blog. [so much for shameless advertising :)]

Remove the table borders and saved the word file as a web-page

It will look something like this

Now comes the real part, select the text and image on the page by dragging the mouse and view selection source

This will look something like this.

Copy this text and simply follow the easy steps as mentioned by the creator of this script on the script-page.

One may also view the complete page source and copy everything that is between the body tags in the source file. Do not forget to upload the image file to any site like Imageshack or even your Google Pages and insert the direct URL for the image in the source file. (search for img src)

Finally my signature looks like this.

Of-course, if you create the same in dreamweaver, the code would very light, here it would be slightly bigger, yet the idea here is to suggest a way to create a HTML signature without harassing ourselves with codes. What we get in the source file only has to be pasted in signature window, once the script is installed. Further, its slightly tricky to maintain the format in this method, but right things happen in a few trials.

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