Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing With the Sky's Blue

A small park close-by has become the playground of a photography enthusiast. Mornings and evenings he can be seen out there working, oblivious of the surroundings and carefully trying to consider things that would miss the normal eye. When decided, he gives a careful consideration to the exposure level and the camera angles. He shoots, re-shoots until he can get the best shot. In the process, he unlearns several tips that have been passed on to him and develops several insights of his own. One of which is highlighting foreground / background.

But before he goes on to share his learning, there's still much that need to be learnt. Yet, he believes that you will notice the difference

Taken while smoking the first cigarette of the day

A slightly older pic than the above; blue is the interesting aspectamong the two

Did you ?

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