Thursday, February 07, 2008

Multiple / Double Exposure Pics via Picassa

Multiple or double exposure is a technique whereby a film is exposed twice to to two or more different images, thereby extending to it a ghostly character. Several of the photography hoaxes have been rendered via this technique.


Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Multiple / double exposure is a complicated technique and the intricacies way beyond my explanation. Yet, multiple or double exposure images can be made very easily using our good own Picassa. Here's how

Select any two or more pictures in Picassa and just click Create ---> Picture Collage ---> Multiple Exposure.

In order to achieve impressive multiple / double exposure photographs, following two things should be kept in mind.

  1. Of the two photographs selected, one should be shot in Landscape mode and the other one in close up.
  2. Best results would come if one of the images is less brighter than the other.

Here's a few snaps that have been converted in multiple exposure images, these are mobile camera pics

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