Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easily Resize Image, Reduce Image Weight & Without any External Softwares

In case we use a DSLR, we all know, higher the resolution of camera, higher is the image size. Now, if we want to show these images on web-sites, probably we all know that lower we keep the image size (in terms of weight), faster would the site load.

While we can do image resizing through a variety of softwares as mentioned on fortysomething, but image resizing & image weight reduction can also be achieved without any external software and without any visible loss in image quality for web-sites. Our good own MS Paint is all we need. Here's how, but don't forget to have a back up of the images for future reference

Select any image ---> right click ---> edit ---> Save

We would see the magic right away with out any visible loss in quality for web-site purposes. I used this technique to reduce image size for some images that had been taken with a Nikon D70s. The resulting images were 80 % lighter (in weight), the dimensions remained the same and with no loss of EXIF data.

Further, if we reduce the dimensions of the image, the resulting image would be even lighter. In the above steps, just press  CTRL+W after edit and insert about 40% in the stretch value.

But then, this is not enough :). How fast and how productive we can become in this? Well, the answer would depend on your installed RAM. In case, you have good amount of RAM (256 MB is slow, higher is better), just remember these steps, Select multiple images with mouse, right click, edit and

CTRL+W (stretch value about 40%) --> CTRL+S --> ALT+F4

Happy hacking!

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