Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Easily Download Songs which are Restricted for Download from Esnips

Update: Apparently, this hack does not work any more. Esnips is now embedding flash player to play songs.

While we have already seen a trick to download a song from esnips without registering or even signing in to our accounts. Yet, still with the advent of the new audio policy, uploaders can restrict download of songs.

While there is a dilemma within me on downloading restricted songs from Esnips as I would be encroaching upon the privacy of the uploaders. However, I also feel that it would have been right if the uploaders allowed downloading songs provided it was not used for commercial purposes. It would have been easy for most of us, as we seek zero commercial gains from downloading songs, what we seek is access to songs which are unavailable in our areas for purchase. Had it not been peer sharing, I would never have got access to one of my favorite groups Toots & the Maytals, I could never find them anywhere in New Delhi.

Anyway's, enough rambling, here's the tweak to get un-downloadable songs from Ensips. Simply follow the steps in the previous post, but in the last instead of saving the song, just open it. What will happen is that the inbuilt media player on your OS will start buffering the song.

Let the song finish, when done, just go to your temporary internet files folder, where you will find the mp3 files with the exact file name as mentioned on the site.

Moreover, the reason behind letting the inbuilt media player buffer the song, is that if you let the player in the site play it, you might have the file in the cache, but it will have something like id:23256sdf as the file name which will make it difficult to find.

Just let media player handle it, you'll have the mp3

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