Saturday, February 09, 2008

Easily Download Songs from Esnips

Update: Apparently, this hack does not work any more. Esnips is now embedding flash player to play songs.

Esnips is a huge repository of songs, which most of us refer to when needed. Of late Esnips has come out with a new audio policy that leverages uploaders to restrict the download of songs.

Here is a way out.

We suggest use of Firefox, not only because it is better but also Firefox along with the excellent addon AdBlock Plus does all the trick. And you also need not be signed into your account to do this. Lets see how..

Open any music file on Esnips. If you have AdBlock Plus enabled we'd see something like below just above the player.

The Area in red above shows a notification by AdBlock Plus, which perceives it be an advertisement. Just click it, the AdBlock preferences dialogue will open up (as below) and would give the direct link to the file. Copy this link (highlighted with red) and cancel the preferences window.

Just paste this link in the address bar of the Firefox and press enter. We'd see as below, rest we all know what to do....

I trust this works, though I have not used this extensively.

Have fun downloading songs, but keep in mind that we have to respect the privacy of people who only wish to share their music for listening online. Even though the next post would specifically deal with how to download songs, which still could not be downloaded. Moreover, I have a moral dilemma on this.

So long, till I mull over my future actions.

Update: Find a way to Easily Download Songs which are Restricted for Download from Esnips

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