Monday, March 24, 2008

Slideshare Presentations for Offline Use

Every once in a while when we need some good information on business, economy or any sector, we use google. More specifically we use google file type searches. Another information resource that I now frequently resort to, includes Slideshare, especially this section on slideshare

But then slideshare is very network intensive and though I run on a broadband, its no better than a dial-up. As a result, I prefer to download these presentations for my offline reference. Moreover, several users of slideshare (me included) do not allow downloading presentations from slideshare.  As such rendering us to refer back to the site again and again.

This hack, which though is crude & time consuming, is a way to get these presentation for offline reading. Here's how

(1) View the presentation in full screen
(2) Print Screen
(3) Open Powerpoint --> Select slide & Paste
(4) Save the ppt

We will have to manually do this for every slide in the presentation. In the end all the slides would be visible as jpegs in the presentation. Obviously, these slides cannot be edited. Thats it.

The resulting presentaion can be heavy in size, just in case you would like to share the resulting presentation via email, you may right click on any slide --> view picture toolbar --> compress pictures, as shown below.

In my experience, if we first save these pictures as jpegs and then use MS Paint as mentioned in this post, the resulting images are even more lighter. Using these images in powerpoint would rather make the ppt file size much lesser.

Author's Note: It is pertinent to claim that we do not encourage plagiarism. This hack or call it a roundabout, is for people, who like me, run on very slow networks, as a result, refering back to site everytime we need some info, becomes a big pain. Needless to say, if any one from the slideshare team reads this, putting a watermark, at least in the full screen mode would deter free-riders from deriving undue benefits from other people's hard work.

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